Free Credits

Thank you for visiting the BROsino! The following information is a brief overview of our credits system and site policies. Please read and review this information and ensure that you are in compliance with our site policies and any related laws in your legal jurisdiction. Follow the BROsino on Steem for more info, news, and announcements.

Social Gaming and Virtual Credits

The BROsino utilizes virtual credits for gaming. Our virtual credits cannot be purchased and are non-transferable. Our virtual credits are designed for entertainment and to help players new to the games become familiar with them and their rules. Virtual credits may be obtained for free at sign-up, by participating in giveaways, by completing tasks, and/or by achieving player gaming milestones. Additional credits may not be purchased for use in the BROsino.

Players that have acquired at least 50,000 credits may request a withdrawal of their credits, which will be paid out in the form of the STEEM cryptocurrency to their specified Steem account. Withdrawals may not be sent to exchange addresses. Any player eligible for and requesting a cash out must contact us in the "cashout requests" channel in the BRO Sports & Gaming Network server on Discord after submitting their withdrawal request here at the BROsino.

Multiple account creation is disallowed. Any player that creates multiple BROsino accounts in order to bypass credit limits will have their accounts deactivated and they will be permanently banned from the BROsino.

Free Credit Giveaways

To ensure the ability of free gameplay, the BROsino will have daily and other periodic free virtual credit giveaways and contests for users to win and collect credits. These giveaways and contests may include the following:

  • Daily login bonuses
  • User achievement/leaderboard bonuses
  • Credit bonuses for interacting with our social media accounts
  • Contests hosted by the BROsino

Players may request one free reload of 5000 credits per week if their current balance is below 5000 credits. Requests must be made in the "reload requests" channel in the BRO Sports & Gaming Network server on Discord.

The BROsino reserves the right to change any of its policies at any time. Please ensure that you are following all current BROsino policies.